Zhangjiagang KunYue Imp & Exp Co.,Ltd is a professional perfume packaging provider since 2012, it’s located in zhangjiagang, near shanghai. We offer one-stop perfume packaging solutions, our main products are perfume bottle, perfume cap, perfume pump and perfume box . . .

One-stop Perfume Packaging Solutions.



Large varieties to choose

Thousands of different perfume packages for you to choose.

Customized service

Exclusive molds, logo printings are welcome and confidential.

Technical and design support

Drawing, 3D photo, mock up are available before mold production.

Quality guarantee

Strict quality control system, the goods won’t be shipped until they pass the inspection. Inspection reports are available before shipment.

Latest news

June 14,


How To Choose A Perfume?

"How do I choose a perfume?" It is an important question for many people who start discovering the wonderful world of fragrance. While some may ask for advice, others actually follow their own interests, exploring and learning.The main obstacle here is hesitation,uncertainty in one's own taste and choice. . . .

June 12,


How To Make A Perfume Bottle

Perfume bottles are not only a place to put your perfume but also can be seen as a work of art. Therefore, making perfume bottles as gifts is a wonderful idea that is smart, simple and fun to do (not to mention cost-effective). However, there are some things that one must keep in mind when choosing the right perfume bottle for your project...

June 27,


Glass: The Sweet Smell Of Success

You wouldn’t necessarily associate intricate and beautiful perfume bottles. However, Glass has proven to be an ideal solution for this industry thanks to its many superior properties which give it the look and feel of an expensive shaped...