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Something about perfume tin can

Something about perfume tin can
Update Time:2018-04-23
 Kunyue let you know the production process of perfume tin can
Solving Puzzles Of Tin Perfume

There are lesser users of tin perfume than users of glass perfume.
people may ask perfume don't get rusty with tin pack ?
Absolutely not ,Tin Perfume also have glass material inside.
1.The printed iron material is cut out according to the size of the box
2.if we need the perfume tin can in the shape of a rectangle,firm its shape first
3.You need to press both ends of the iron
4.This perfume iron box is the contraction structure, so the first stamping process is the contraction.
5.The second process is to roll the can
6.The third process is stamping the bottom of the iron pot, than the bottom and the tank body are connected together.