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Perfume: the perfect gift

Perfume: the perfect gift
Issue Time:2018-05-22

A well chosen perfume or cologne is the perfect gift for anyone. Choosing a scent that complements the recipient’s tastes and personality is a real pleasure, and it adds an element of thoughtfulness to the present. There are plenty of different perfume and scent options out there, so you will have no trouble finding something for even your most hard to please friends and relatives. Whether you want something fresh and trendy, a deep and timeless fragrance, an old classic or a quirky scent that will make people sit up and take notice, it is easy to source superb items for Christmas.

Top brands that you can try when shopping for gifts

This festive season, why not treat a loved one to a bottle of elegant scent from one of the best known and best loved brands? With many brands – such as Sisley and Guerlain – the beauty of the perfume bottle itself is a big part of the charm of this type of present, as well as the beautiful and unforgettable scent.

Other popular brands includMarc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera and Elizabeth Arden. These perfume designers have been in the game for a long time and their collections (both new and old) are always well worth checking out. Placing an order online is so quick and easy and once you have done so all that you need to do is to sit back, relax, and wait for your carefully chosen perfumes to arrive.

Presenting your perfumes perfectly

Once you have got all of your gifts assembled together, another way that you can get ahead of the game this festive season is to wrap everything up well in advance. That will also mean that, if anyone in your household stumbles across their present ahead of the official present opening day, they will not be able to see what it is.

Choose some beautiful wrapping paper and finish everything off with a gorgeous fabric bow or a metallic star. Throw some sparkles into the mix before you wrap up the perfume box and you will give the recipient a glittering surprise when they unwrap their present.

Many perfume brands offer beautifully presented gift set themselves, too, so that is something you might want to take advantage of this festive season.